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Video and Audio

TV ads, jingles, music videos, corporate films, promotional reports ... All this and much more, we can offer as part of carefully crafted media campaigns. Behind us are thousands and thousands of hours of writing, recording, editing and broadcasting. See for yourself and browse our portfolio.


Web development

Past experience has shown us that our clients find it important that the process of creating Web pages, as well as the preparatory phase, be as simple as possible, understandable and transparent, regardless of the complexity of the project. Therefore, initially we analyze your needs in detail, elaborate a proposal, determine the financial structure and divide tasks. Your task is to provide us with instructions and materials needed for making a quality web site (logo, text, photographs), and our task is to create a conceptual design and produce a quality site. As we are aware that you may be meeting for the first time with the process of web design and development of web sites and applications we offer you the opportunity to have a free project meeting for 2 hours where we will give you all the instructions on the preparation of materials (or design documents) and the necessary instructions about the design. We ask you to please prepare the following for this meeting: A clear purpose, content and the required functionality of web pages and applications. Please prepare any potential questions about our process and your suggestions about the design or potential examples of sites that you consider a reference for any reason.


Site creation

As a reliable and long-term partner, through many years of superior work, professional approach, and in the direction of making a high-quality offer, it is very important for us to find out as much as possible, that is all about your activities and causes, especially the purpose of the website, its quantity, content and intended use, whether it is marketing, direct gain or achieving a simple presentation. Our next step will be to make you an offer.

To create a website, the materials that you need to supply us with are existential. The quality of your site depends on the quality and quantity of materials that you provide. This is nothing difficult, or headache inducing. We simply need texts, photos, all content and the possible translations (we can provide some content with your suggestions, as well as translate the material) needed to create a webpage.

  • Photos can be in *. jpeg or *. jpg format or *. png and so on,
  • Documentation and texts saved as *.doc, *.txt, *.pdf,
  • Movies as *.mpeg, *.mov, *.flv, *avi.
  • As said before, if you don’t have some part of the contents, as an additional option our professional team can do that part of the job for you.

Upon agreement on the purpose and content of the site, agreement on the use of certain applications, and after you provide us with a few photos, video and written content, we will be free to offer you a proposal of the site design and page layouts.

Following that we begin building the site, by our agreement on the aforementioned design and layout, which you can further modify if necessary.

At that point our cooperation will become more frequent, in the direction of satisfying your desires, and filling the page content with your photos, text and assorted content you submit to us. Finally we define and resolve the site name, its domain and other administrative matters.

Of course, preceding the process is your acceptance of our offer and our signing of a contract that specifies our mutual rights and obligations. Then we set to verify the content and functionality of the site, and test the site, away from the domain where the page will eventually be found as a finished product. Before we put the site on line we will once again check all possible defects.


CMS (Content Management System)

CMS (Content Management System) provides you with independent setup, or updates of your company's website. Ease of system makes it possible regardless of your knowledge or prior knowledge of the creation and updating of web pages. Your customers will thus be able to get the latest and most current information about you, since you can modify the same at any time, even with a relatively low level of knowledge about computers at will and with ease.



Web hosting is a type of service that allows individuals or organizations the opportunity to make their sites accessible to the World Wide Web (WWW).

Companies involved in hosting provide leased space on their servers, as well as connectivity to the Internet.

All content of your pages is later protected. Copies are stored on a daily basis and any lost data can be recovered. We will manage your e-mail, monitor traffic, statistics, and maintain security. Your site is here in safe hands.

Because the servers on which sites are stored are computers with limited disk space, web hosting services are in fact space rental where clients occupy a limited space on a server that hosts many sites.

Besides the space, hosting service also covers connectivity to the Internet, and as such is often limited (eg, many companies limit traffic to individual pages of their clients, in this case, Ypsilon offers unlimited traffic 0-24 hours 7 days a week).

Besides the site, occupying space on the servers are e-mail address. Each e-mail account takes approximately 10 - 50 MB of disk space, depending on the client.


The Internet domain is a unique name that identifies the address of the computer on the Internet. Internet domain consist of the subdomain (name) and the top domain separated by a dot in the form of "subdomain.subdomain. top-level_domain"

Choosing a domain is very important and sensitive issue and must be guided by the principle that it is easy, memorable and recognizable, that it distinguishes you from competitors, and that it clearly indicates what you do. It is paid annually, payment at the end of the year reserves your right to its continued use. It may be -. Com,. Net. Org. Biz ...

We perform the domain registration for you, but in a way that it belongs to you, that you may take over its management at any moment. The choice of domain name is the first step to your web site. If it is easily recognized, your site will be found among many other attractions on the Internet.


Project quote

Filling this out will give us a better idea of what your goals are and how we can help you exceed them.


Graphic design

Corporate identity is what customers will remember and recognize your company by. It is the face of your company. We will incorporate recognizable elements in your logo, which will become an indispensable part of your letterheads, business cards, folders, stamps... Whether you already have a visual identity and you need a redesign, or want something completely new, creative design force from Ypsilon will make sure you leave a trace.

Once we have already helped with the creation of your visual identity and equipping of a new catalog, leaflet, calendar ... it's time for printing. We will prepare all materials, submit them to the printer and deliver them in your hands.

Respecting your wishes, we will offer a creative solution that will not remain unnoticed.


3D modeling

Continuous development of new technologies and software, and continuous improvement of marketing tools has caused 3D visualization and animation to become a part of everyday advertising. Would you like your music video or other form of visual advertising to stand out from the competition - 3D is the right choice for you.

Ypsilon experts in 3D visualization and animation will create new worlds in accordance with your wishes, and create a visually striking element of your campaign.


Marketing and PR

Media buying - ad space in newspapers, seconds, minutes or hours of occupying the airwaves or television broadcasting, Internet advertising.

Media Planning - TV, radio, print, Internet, outdoor ... Every day there are more opportunities and there is more space for advertising. We are here to coordinateand optimize your performance on the market.

Branding - From your product or service we will create a recognizable name to the buyers and users that they will always choose.

Naming – The name of your company or product are just shorter versions of your brand promise - the promise you give to customers, and the first step in creating each campaign .. We will hear your wishes, give good advice, market research and only then choose the name that will define your business in the future.

PR - Public Relations - Good communication with the public is crucial to success. The public is critical and an image that you create about yourself can be difficult to change. Therefore, no detail should be left to chance.